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Eliminate bias with blind screening

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Screen talent details at scale


Instant candidate match for every open position


Improve the quality of hire through continuous machine learning



Talentpuddle provides you with a fast and competitive way to change how you recruit internally. 

We believe your best candidates may already be in your ATS, only you can't quickly identify and engage with them.

Talentpuddle leverages machine learning to analyse your existing ATS or HR data with current job requirements, to identify all possible candidate matches using competencies, not just keywords or job titles. 

Talentpuddle delivers this in real time enabling recruiters to instantly identify the best candidate for a role, whether sourced internally or externally.

For internal hiring, Talentpuddle allows employees to see what roles they match to, increasing internal mobility and lateral moves based upon their transferable skills, revealing roles they might not have otherwise considered normally.

As you would expect, we help you to embed this exciting technology into your existing recruitment processes, ensuring you get value from day one.

Our sophisticated platform algorithms automatically find the best candidates you already have in your ATS, so you can:

  • Reduce time to hire by 40%

  • Increase candidate response rates by 10x as you deliver well-matched roles directly to them

  • Reduce unconscious bias by reviewing only skills and competencies not names, education or socio-economic background

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Fast, easy to use...

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Recruiters upload their jobs in any format in just a few clicks or they can build a job opening from scratch, quickly, with none of the hassles of obligatory formats or document lay-outs.



Scanning your ATS or HR platform, the Talentpuddle intelligent algorithm analyses the competencies, skills and experience needed in the role and then evaluates candidate or employee capabilities in order to match them to your job opening.  Only the most appropriate matches are shown to you within seconds.


The recruiter gets a ranked shortlist of perfectly matching candidates including their resumes, their profiles and other relevant information.  They can filter and refine the criteria before contacting candidates directly through the platform or through your existing email or CRM platforms.



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Why talentpuddle.

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Contact previous applicants with relevant, well timed opportunities based on an in-depth analysis, with a focus on suitability, increasing engagement levels.

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Draw upon your existing ATS and HR data, and extract value from your existing investments without the need for costly platform implementation.  

Reduce time to hire by 40%.



Get matches in seconds and begin to see candidates respond in real time.

talentpuddle. takes the raw data from a CV, the raw data from a job description and makes a quick, efficient match giving organisations the chance to focus on candidate engagement.