Global organisations have been moving their recruitment functions inhouse, taking ownership of the end to end hiring process with the majority using an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to manage candidate applications and engagement.

Based on first hand experience of managing recruitment for global organisations, we believe the best candidates are in those ATS platforms only they can't quickly identify and engage with them. They know their ATS is great for storing information and managing recruitment workflows but the search functionality is generally so unsophisticated that at best, recruiters are only able to make very basic keyword searches to find previous applicants; and at worse don’t search at all, preferring to start sourcing from scratch.

Talentpuddle offers intelligent talent pairing solutions for corporate organisations in an off the shelf package. The platform is built on a break-through natural language understanding platform, a state-of-the-art technology that allows databases to be searched through natural language queries.

Talentpuddle unlocks the talent already identified by an organisation, re-engaging with dormant candidates, speeding up the hiring process and supporting diversity and inclusion policies, facilitating blind matches.

The Talentpuddle platform automates the recruiter search, extracting value from existing investments in ATS and CRM without the need for costly platform implementation and deliver a better ROI on investments in brand, careers pages and recruiter time.

Next steps

We are actively seeking external investment for a percentage of the new business.

The investment will help us to continue the development of the product with a focus on the on boarding process for new clients as well as the ongoing sales and marketing of the product.

The core software algorithm that the platform uses has been tested in a live environment in conjunction with our software developer. The platform is based in the cloud, does not require extensive integration into existing IT infrastructure and complies with data protection principles across Europe.

We are moving to ‘soft launch’ looking to identify 3 future clients that are open to being early adopters. Our initial focus is to target enterprise level organisations that already have an in-house recruiting function and a significant volume of hiring and candidates in an existing ATS. Based on a working knowledge of EMEA our focus is on pan-EMEA organisations with a UK, Danish or Swedish base.

We are keen to secure investment in the business but also to make that investment appealing to our investors. We would work with our investors to agree a timeline for potential exit dependent on the type and scale of the initial investment.

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